WCM Member Registration 2017

Open for Returning Members

11/14/16 - 12/1/17

Open for New Members

11/14/16 - 12/1/17


Welcome to the Walnut Creek Masters Swim Team Electronic Registration platform for 2017! We are pleased to offer electronic payment processing and registration. The process is simple for both new and returning members. You'll get access to your own private account that will enable you to maintain your own contact information and more, including updating expired credit cards by the first of every month so fees can be processed.

Please note that Team fees for 2017, except for Rossmor and Associate Memberships, have been raised 3.75% more than our 2015 and 2016 fees.  This fee increase will pay for a regular salary pay raise for all our coaches - their first raise since 2010.  Our coaches are doing an outstanding job, and the Team Board of Directors approved this long overdue pay raise to recognize their efforts on behalf of all members.  For more information about our membership options, please read the information available under the "About" tab on our home page (outside of the registration process) and select "Member Fees".  https://www.teamunify.com/SubTabGeneric.jsp?team=wcm&_stabid_=43860

We look forward to having you join the Walnut Creek Masters Swim Team and are excited for another great season!

Note:  All continuing and new WCM members must separately register with USMS for 2016 before their WCM membership can be accepted. USMS registration will require a separate fee and payment.  If you have not already registered with US Masters Swimming, please do so now: https://www.usms.org/reg/register.php

Membership Type Description Amount
Annual Membership with Pool Pass Unlimited Team workouts with Pool Pass (formerly "Platinum Plus").  Single Payment.  Available in November and December for the following year.  If you are joining the team for workouts more than 3 days per week, this membership is for you. $1,006
Monthly Payment Option with Pool Pass Unlimited Team Workouts with Pool Pass.  This is a  monthly payment (insted of the flat, one-time payment above) option for the annual membership.  If you are swimming with the team more than 3 days per week, this is the membership suggested.  Current credit card will be charged the monthly fee on the first of each month. $93/month
Annual Membership, Pool Pass Separate

Unlimited Team Workouts with Pool Pass Purchased Separately (formerly "Basic Purple").  This membership is suggested for those swimmers who swim with the team 3 days per week or less.  The membership fee includes the first 15 session pool pass.  Subsequent pool passes must be purchased separately at the rate of $73 per pass.




Rossmoor Membership This annual membership is for residents of Rossmoor.    Practices are held at Rossmoor and a limited number of coached practices at Clarke Pool at WC Heather Farm Park. $535
Associate Membership This annual membership is for members who live out of the area and do not workout with the team (formerly "Pearl"). Typically, they join us at meets and other events where they represent WCM. When in town, members should contact a WCM coach to coordinate a visitor's workout. $50
College  This membership  is for our college students who wish to swim during summer break.  Membership is valid June 1st through September 1st $125